Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My evening eating gluten free

Tonight...Ah tonight.  It all should be blamed on my use of Pledge.

Tonight my husband agreed to go hang out with a friend so I cold get some work done at home.  I set a goal for myself to make good headway on a project for work and then I could reward myself with a yummy dinner. 
Once I finished my project I headed upstairs to make the dinner that I had been planning in my head the entire time I was working,
Rice Spaghetti topped with spinach, mushrooms, black olives, feta cheese sauteed in olive oil and pesto.  See I am very proud of myself for learning to cook with flavors other than salt and pepper.  I have a thing for spinach and mushroom.  And since I am not currently eating meat, I need a lot of them as they to provide substance for me.

I finished cooking my dinner and headed down to the basement to eat in front of the TV and watch re-runs of Greys Anatomy.  Here is where my night stopped going so wonderfully. 
About halfway down my flight of stair I began to fall.  I felt my back and elbow hit about 7 stairs until I landed on the floor with my arm out to the right and my food...oh my yummy food scattered across each step.  My beautiful red bowl shattered into pieces.  My black olives gone to waste.  My elbow hurts...alot.
Now all of a sudden my grateful heart that my husband was gone (not that I don't love having him with me) so I could work turned into me mildly judging him for the fact that he wasn't here. 
Now I don't have any yummy food and it is such a process to fix myself anything, due to the gluten free, meat free and somewhat dairy free diet that I am on.  I am not sure what I am more sad about the fact that I have no more food and am hungry or the fact that my elbow hurts...I could have done something pretty serious to my elbow but I don't know.

I blame it on the pledge.  This week I got over zealous while hand cleaning my stairs I decided in my mind that I wanted them to look shiny so I added just a tiny mist of pledge to my cleaning.

In hindsight, that was a poor choice.


  1. Awww, that completely stinks! I'm sorry. I hope your elbow is OK and that you found somthing to eat. What you threw down the stairs sounded pretty yummy!

  2. oh how sad :( i feel the pain when delicious (expensive) food is ruined :( hope your elbow isn't hurt too badly!!

  3. I hope you did no serious damage! This is terrible!

  4. STINK! Lesson learned, too much pledge = unsafe living environment.