Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yoga Pants

Let us talk about materialism and how I sometimes am deep in the middle of it. There are many times when I am out and about and I pick something up that I would like to have, I walk around the store with it and then I put it down (usually not in the right place. I know I know it's terrible, but I give the workers at the store their jobs). I am usually pretty good at asking myself, "do I really need this?" However, there are times when I get something in my mind that I really want and I usually end up getting it. It usually is an unnecessary purchase but I become obsessed. For instance, last April, I had this crazy need for electric blue heels. I really really wanted a pair of blue heels, why you may ask? I have no idea. Either way I ended up getting a pair and have worn them three times I think.
So my new crazy thing that I really want to have is a pair of wide leg yoga pants. I don't know why, I just want them. Not only do I want a pair of yoga pants but I want a cute warm top to go with them. Now I have one pair of yoga pants so I don't really need another pair, but does in my crazy mind it doesn't matter. I went and bought a a nifty little outfit. Oh the desire to shop. I will probably have to start praying for conviction over my desire to have. I usually have to do that about once a year.

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