Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Food Choices

Many of you know that I have started this journey because I have been uncomfortable for the past 8 months.  I think that I have known for awhile now that I have a glutin and dairy allergy.  So here it is.

I LOVE FOOD.  I love creamy and spicy and starchy and buttery and salty food.  I love enjoying the flavors in my mouth...And although I have a texture issue, for the most part I love the texture of most food in my mouth.  Changing my eating habits feels like I am losing something, feels like I am giving something up and I may miss out.  I know it sounds stupid but changing my eating havits feels like I will experience a loss.

So today I work on saying good bye to my love of crappy food and hello to food that will make me feel better. 
I think ultimately I will need to go glutin free and dairy free for good but I know that for me to let it all go at once is going to be a loss.
                                               By the way did I mention that I am also giving up coffee as well...
Good by food addictions!

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