Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Been Awhile

It has been awhile since I had a post, which I figured would happen, but life as usual has been busy. Let me update you.
Grandma sick. My days consist of work, go to hospital spend time with grandma and work there, go home and work. It has been fun!!! Not really.
On Wednesday nights I lead a group of couples who have new babies and we spend time talking about how to improve their relationship. I love this group it is a precious group of couples and they all share well together. Sometimes it is the highlight of my week. This week it really is.
The past two weeks we have been talking about having productive fights, today we talked with the couples about identifying when we are reaching out boiling point and how can we demonstrate that to our partner without breaking and then respecting each other to take a break and discuss later. It was a productive conversation and I just really adore these couples.

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  1. The group sounds like a good one. I'm glad it's rejuvenating sometimes. Good to chat earlier this evening. The rule was really intended to be for you to tell your fave song and treat. Since you're busy "cute" will at least be enough to put you in the running:) A couple other blog friends pretty routinely mail prizes. It's fun and I thought maybe sharing caramel was a good idea. xoxo